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Borehole Pumps...

Borehole Pumps As the name indicates, Borehole Pumps are designed to be submerged in a narrow shaft, fitted in a tank and are used for handling:

  • clean water
  • contaminated water (to some extent)
  • horticultural / irrigation systems
  • de-watering / cooling / purification applications

Favoured by many water companies Borehole Pumps are available in various sizes which cover a wide range of pumping flows and heads. The motors too also range in kilowatt size giving optimum performance whether for use in domestic or an industrial environment.

Submersible Pumps...
Submersible pumps can be catergorised into two types:
  • Drainage Pumps
  • Sewage Pumps

Drainage / Sewage Pumps...Drainage Pumps normally being used in areas such as:

  • Basements & Cellars
  • Groundwater
  • Sumps

Obviously, the type of application would determine the exact pump suitable for the job in hand - certain environments would require heavier duty pumps than others. Water handling capacity and temperature are both key elements when it comes to drainage pump choice.

Sewage Pumps typically being used for:

  • Effluent (sewage)
  • Storm water
  • Waste water  

Again, many various models are available depending on the specific needs of the pump, and there are a diverse number of impellers to make certain the sewage pump runs both efficiently and cost-effectively. Heavier duty applications may require cutters, grinders or macerators for higher performance. These are particularly effective in toilets where high volumes of people are using the amenities such as pubs, hotels, factories and shops.

GRP Packaged Pumping Stations...
GRP Packaged Pumping StationAll-in-one complete packaged pumping stations are available in a wide variety of sizes that can be fitted with single or twin pumps. Installed underground with inlet / outlet connections and manhole cover access to the top, GRP Packaged Pumping Stations are used for the drainage of:
  • flood retention
  • foul / sewage
  • surface water

These units are pre-assembled before being fitted at the site, usually when the groundwork is being carried out, and are completely bespoke to customer needs with regard to chamber size, pump type, valves and other fittings etc.

Packaged Booster Sets...
Water booster sets are quite literally for boosting your water supply when needed. If your demands on water are inconsistent, may be in an industrial environment, hotel, office or even a sewage works, these packaged booster sets can respond automatically to changing variances in water requirements. Equipped with various combinations of pumps, control panels, valves and other key elements, Water Booster Sets can help keep water supplies running smoothly and economically at all times whatever the application.
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