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Pump Services...Barry Winfield & Son Pumping Engineers can provide regular services and maintenance checks on all your pumps and pumping equipment to ensure smooth and efficient running of your equipment throughout its working life. Scheduled visits can be made to your site on the following time scales:
  • Annually
  • Half yearly
  • Quarterly

The number of visitations depends specifically on your needs and the conditions of your pumps on site. During service call-outs any repairs can be carried out, pump functionality tests made if required (additional) and any potential problems can be brought to light before system breakdown occurs, and recommendations put forward to the client. A written report detailing all work done will be provided on completion of all work.

find out more about confined safe training...A typical service would entail the following:

  1. Removal of the pumps from the sump with tripod and winch
  2. Checking out impellers for wear and tear
  3. Change of oil in the buffer chamber (this reflects on the condition of the mechanical seal)
  4. Checking panel
  5. Mega test on the windings of the motor
  6. Checking controls and operation of the pumps

Find out more about CSCS...Barry Winfield & Son are active card-holders of the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) which means they are fully Health & Safety Tested and you can rest assured of a fully professional service throughout the duration of our time spent with you. Our experienced team of engineers are also all Confined Space Trained

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